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Final_Wetland_Inventory Geographic Theme:
ScaleResource NameFormatProjectionFile Size
NAAlcona Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 7.62MB
NAAlger Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 250.02MB
NAAllegan Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 14.44MB
NAAlpena Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 9.72MB
NAAntrim Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 3.60MB
NAArenac Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.02MB
NABaraga Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 20.89MB
NABarry Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 13.97MB
NABay Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.80MB
NABenzie Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 4.10MB
NABerrien Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 11.18MB
NABranch Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 12.06MB
NACalhoun Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 18.76MB
NACass Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.26MB
NACharlevoix Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 5.57MB
NACheboygan Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 16.02MB
NAChippewa Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 37.55MB
NAClare Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 24.32MB
NAClinton Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 14.35MB
NACrawford Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 6.47MB
NADelta Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 15.83MB
NADickinson Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 9.35MB
NAEaton Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 14.78MB
NAEmmet Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 7.84MB
NAGenesee Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 6.94MB
NAGladwin Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 17.43MB
NAGogebic Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 24.38MB
NAGrand Traverse Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 5.05MB
NAGratiot Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 8.67MB
NAHillsdale Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 13.53MB
NAHoughton Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 8.82MB
NAHuron Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.26MB
NAIngham Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 15.17MB
NAIonia Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 12.03MB
NAIosco Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 7.88MB
NAIron Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 29.02MB
NAIsabella Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.34MB
NAJackson Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 25.97MB
NAKalamazoo Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 7.64MB
NAKalkaska Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 8.06MB
NAKent Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 12.66MB
NAKeweenaw Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 6.39MB
NALake Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 6.40MB
NALapeer Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.93MB
NALeelanau Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 3.17MB
NALenawee Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 13.54MB
NALivingston Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 18.11MB
NALuce Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 11.48MB
NAMackinac Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 16.11MB
NAMacomb Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 6.33MB
NAManistee Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 5.12MB
NAMarquette Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 35.88MB
NAMason Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 9.48MB
NAMecosta Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.87MB
NAMenominee Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 36.61MB
NAMidland Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 13.99MB
NAMissaukee Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 8.66MB
NAMonroe Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 11.08MB
NAMontcalm Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 17.58MB
NAMontmorency Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 6.49MB
NAMuskegon Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 5.35MB
NANewaygo Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 11.49MB
NAOakland Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 12.96MB
NAOceana Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 7.36MB
NAOgemaw Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.86MB
NAOntonagon Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 15.32MB
NAOsceola Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 16.24MB
NAOscoda Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 7.04MB
NAOtsego Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 7.14MB
NAOttawa Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.25MB
NAPresque Isle Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 10.78MB
NARoscommon Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 12.87MB
NASaginaw Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 8.60MB
NASanilac Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 17.93MB
NASchoolcraft Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 38.82MB
NAShiawassee Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 11.61MB
NASt. Clair Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 13.82MB
NASt. Joseph Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 8.88MB
NATuscola Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 12.84MB
NAVan Buren Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 21.19MB
NAWashtenaw Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 14.80MB
NAWayne Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 4.89MB
NAWexford Final_Wetland_InventoryShapefileMGRm 7.05MB
NEW - Michigan GIS Open Data Portal is now available on-line

Connect to the portal

The Michigan GIS Open Data Portal provides the GIS community with an easy to use single point of entry for all State of Michigan open geospatial data. Use the Portal to browse, search, preview, and download a variety of Michigan geospatial datasets. Browse by category or enter key words in the search box to locate a dataset of interest. You can then read its description to learn more about its authoritative data source and explore attributes before downloading.

The new Michigan GIS Open Data Portal will continue to evolve over time. This new Portal was developed to eventually replace the Michigan Geographic Data Library (MGDL) and we plan to retire the MGDL once all legacy data has been moved over to the new GIS Open Data Portal.
The MGDL can still be accessed from links listed below.
Geographic Data Library Catalog:
To search for geographic data click on one of the categories below:
Geographic Extent Theme MetaData Search  
How to use the Library:
The Geographic Data Library catalogs the available GIS data that the State of Michigan provides for Internet access.  Access to data within the Library is based upon geographic extent and theme type.  For example, a user may search for data by either county or hydrography.  To search for data, click on the links provided.  As you work your way into the Library, related links between geography or theme will be available on the right side of this page.
How to use the GIS data:
The geographic information provided through the library comprises several data formats inherent to GIS software.  To interact with these file types you will need access to software that supports them.  Where possible, notation has been provided to indicate the file format of these files.  All data sets have been pre-packaged using zip or self-extracting executable file format. 
Information provided in the MI Geographic Data Library is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change on a regular basis, without notice. While the Center for Geographic Information (CGI) makes every effort to provide useful and accurate information, we do not warrant the information to be authoritative, complete, factual, or timely. Information is provided on an "as is" and an "as available" basis. The State of Michigan disclaims any liability, loss, injury, or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, resulting from the use and application of any of the contents of this web site.
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