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Vermilion SW Betsy Lake North OEN SE Sheephead Lake NW Betsy Lake North NE Betsy Lake North NW Betsy Lake Northwest NE Betsy Lake Northwest NW Grand Marais Northeast NW Sheephead Lake SW Betsy Lake North SE Betsy Lake North SW Betsy Lake Northwest SE Betsy Lake Northwest SW Muskallonge Lake East SE Muskallonge Lake East SW Muskallonge Lake West SE Muskallonge Lake West SW Grand Marais Northeast SE Grand Marais Northeast SW Timberlost NW Betsy Lake South NE Betsy Lake South NW Betsy Lake Southwest NE Betsy Lake Southwest NW Muskallonge Lake Southeast NE Muskallonge Lake Southeast NW Muskallonge Lake Southwest NE Muskallonge Lake Southwest NW Grand Marais Southeast NE Grand Marais Southeast NW Timberlost SW Betsy Lake South SE Betsy Lake South SW Betsy Lake Southwest SE Betsy Lake Southwest SW Muskallonge Lake Southeast SE Muskallonge Lake Southeast SW Muskallonge Lake Southwest SE Muskallonge Lake Southwest SW Grand Marais Southeast SE Grand Marais Southeast SW Big Beaver Creek NW Gimlet Creek NE Gimlet Creek NW Roy Lake NE Roy Lake NW Auger Lake NE Auger Lake NW Buckeye Lake NE Buckeye Lake NW Tahquamenon Lakes NE Tahquamenon Lakes NW Big Beaver Creek SW Gimlet Creek SE Gimlet Creek SW Roy Lake SE Roy Lake SW Auger Lake SE Auger Lake SW Buckeye Lake SE Buckeye Lake SW Tahquamenon Lakes SE Tahquamenon Lakes SW Hulbert NW Soo Junction NE Soo Junction NW Roberts Corner NE Roberts Corner NW Newberry NE Newberry NW McMillan NE McMillan NW Hardwood Island NE Hardwood Island NW Hulbert SW Soo Junction SE Soo Junction SW Roberts Corner SE Roberts Corner SW Newberry SE Newberry SW McMillan SE McMillan SW Hardwood Island SE Hardwood Island SW Rexton NW Garnet NE Garnet NW Gilchrist NE Gilchrist NW Millecoquins NE Millecoquins NW Curtis East NE Curtis East NW Curtis West NE Curtis West NW