Marquette County Savings Bank, photo submitted 1976
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Marquette County Savings Bank
125 West Washington Street, Marquette - Marquette County
Other Names Savings Bank Building
Property Type bank
Style Queen Anne
Architect/Builder BARBER AND BARBER
Narrative Description The Marquette County Savings Bank is a rectangular, commercial block set into a slope, showing five stories on the front facade and seven stories at the rear facade. The building has a steel frame with its principal facade walls covered in rock-faced ashlar on the first two levels and pressed red brick on the third through seventh levels, topped by a flat roof. The entrance facade is composed of a single-story recessed entry with four polished red granite columns capped by carved stone capitals. The entry supports a four-story block composed of a recessed central section topped by a gable, flanked by two semi-circular bays at the corners, one of which is topped by an eight-day, copper roofed Howard clock tower.
Statement of Significance The Marquette County Savings Bank is a significant monument to the importance of the iron industry in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and is a fine example of commercial architecture. At the turn-of-the-century Marquette was a bustling port for iron shipping, and the bank reflected the town's prosperity. The Marquette and Duluth architectural firm of Barber and Barber designed the bank, completed in 1892 by Noble and Benson of St. Paul at a cost of $174,000. The building has undergone only minor alteration and is currently used for office space.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1891-1892
Registry Type(s) 09/13/1978 National Register listed
06/18/1976 State Register listed
Site ID# P24143