Marquette City Hall, photo submitted 1976
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Marquette City Hall
204 Washington Street, Marquette - Marquette County
Property Type city hall
Style Renaissance
Second Empire
Architect/Builder Lovejoy and Demar
Narrative Description The Marquette City Hall is a massive, three-story rectangular building with a mixture of Richardsonian Romanesque, Second Empire, and Renaissance Revival elements. The red brick walls stand on a raised sandstone basement and are topped by a tiled Mansard roof surmounted by a cupola. The facade is divided into five bays separated by quoins. The wide central bay contains the recessed, granite pierced arch entrance and is flanked by two bays on either side that feature two-story arched windows. Ribbon windows line the other facades of the building.
Statement of Significance The Marquette City Hall is particularly significant to the citizens because of its importance to local history. The demand for pressed bricks and sandstone created by the City Hall building project was filled by local quarries and employed many workers, which bolstered the economy during the 1880s depression. The hall was completed in 1894 and financed by the sale of bonds. Local contractor Emil Bruce completed the hall from plans by architects Andrew Lovejoy and Edward Demar of Marquette.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1894
Registry Type(s) 04/11/1975 National Register listed
10/07/1974 State Register listed
Site ID# P24140