Arch and Residential Streets Historic District, photo taken 1997 Arch and Residential Streets Historic District, photo taken 1997
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Arch and Ridge Streets Historic District
Arch and Ridge streets from Front Street to Lake Superior, Marquette - Marquette County
Property Type district
Historic Use DOMESTIC
TRANSPORTATION/water related
Current Use DOMESTIC
Style Mixed
Narrative Description The Arch and Ridge Streets Historic District encompasses one of Marquette's greatest concentrations of key residential and public buildings. The district's central residential core is dominated by an east-west land elevation locally known as "the Ridge" and the namesake of Ridge Street. Most construction within the district took place during the final three decades of the nineteenth century. Though it was not until 1867 that Peter White built the first house on the Ridge, for the next thirty-five years many leading citizens followed his example. Originally single family dwellings, these elegant residences house railroad officials, professionals, merchants, businessmen, and mining magnates. Also within the district were the more modest homes of white and blue collar workers. The Peter White Library and First United Methodist Church are also included in the district.
Statement of Significance The Arch and Ridge Streets Historic District includes some of Marquette's most architecturally distinctive churches, residences, and public buildings, among them seven constructed from local sandstone. The district achieved its greatest significance during the iron mining boom of the nineteenth century when "the Ridge" was considered the residential showplace of the city. Because of its prestige and natural beauty, the neighborhood formed historical associations with many prominent individuals who played a key role in Marquette's development such as co-founder of Marquette Peter White, pioneer businessman and industrialist Hiram A. Burt, and C. H. Call.
Period of Significance 1865-1900
Significant Date(s) 1870, 1900
Registry Type(s) 06/18/1980 National Register listed
Site ID# P24128