Luce County Sheriff
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Luce County Sheriff's House and Jail
411 West Harrie Street, Newberry - Luce County
Other Names Luce County Historical Museum
Property Type stone building
Historic Use GOVERNMENT/correctional facility
Style Queen Anne
Architect/Builder Lovejoy and Demar
Narrative Description The Luce County Jail and Sheriff's House remains essentially unaltered from its original state. It was built on an irregular plan, with three wings, over an exposed, split fieldstone foundation. The two side wings adjoin the front section, or living quarters of the house; their combined roof peaks meeting in a cross-gable. To the rear is the attached, two-story jail, also of gable roof construction. The first floor is comprised of rock-faced, Jacobsville sandstone, a well known reddish composition native to the Upper Peninsula. The middle story, set off by a belt course, is faced with red, sand-molded brick, while the third is sided with the fish-scale shingles characteristic of the Queen Anne mode. Roofing consists of the original wood shakes covered now with asphalt shingles. A cupola on one corner retains its galvanized metal roofing and cornices. Romanesque details are evident in the use of cut stone, the arched windows and doors, and in the short, polished granite columns supporting the front porch overhang.
Statement of Significance Originally the Luce County Jail and Sheriff's Residence, the sturdy, three-story structure currently houses the Luce County Historical Museum. Completed in 1894, the building was constructed in juxtaposition with the county courthouse which was torn down in 1975. Today, the former Jail and Sheriff's Residence stands alone as the surviving member of a pair of grandiose public buildings constructed during Newberry's early period of growth. The Jail and Sheriff's Residence continues to function as an effective visual reminder of the Victorian opulence that manifested in this community around the later part of the nineteenth century. The building was designed by Lovejoy and Demar of Marquette, Michigan.
Marker Name Jail & Sheriff's Residence
Marker Text JAIL & SHERIFF'S RESIDENCE Constructed in 1894, this graceful Queen Anne-style structure served as the Luce county jail and sheriff's residence for over seventy years. The Peninsular Land Company donated the site. The architectural firm of Lovejoy and DeMar, from Marquette, designed this sturdy edifice made of rough-hewn Jacobsville sandstone. The Luce County Historical Society rescued this building from demolition in 1975 and restored it as the Luce County Historical Museum, which opened in 1976.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1894
Registry Type(s) 05/15/1980 Marker erected
04/27/1982 National Register listed
08/15/1975 State Register listed
Site ID# P23991