The Helmer General Store and Resort, photo submitted in 1981.
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Helmer General Store and Resort
RD #3 - County Road 417, .5 mile south of Highway 44, Helmer - Luce County
Other Names Helmer House Inn
Property Type general store
Historic Use COMMERCE/TRADE/department store
Current Use DOMESTIC/hotel
Style Other
Narrative Description The Helmer General Store and Resort is a gable-roofed, two-and-one-half-story painted clapboard structure built in 1881 which rests on a stone foundation and which features stone facing at the baseline, extended closed porch, and rectangular windows. It is attached to a one-story, gable-roofed, false-front structure sheathed in novelty siding, completed in 1894. The older building served as a Presbyterian mission and manse until 1888 when Gaylord Helmer purchased the building for use as a general store and post office. When the village of Helmer became a stagecoach mail stop in 1894, Gaylord Helmer built a second building as a resort and hotel, and was later elected the village deputy sheriff. Recent alterations include new windows, doors, porch, roof, and stone facing.
Marker Name Helmer House Inn
Marker Text HELMER HOUSE INN Erected in 1881-1882 this two-and-a-half-story structure was built as a mission house and manse by Newberry's Presbyterian church. It served as a mission station until 1888, when Gaylord Helmer--first postmaster and village deputy sheriff--purchased it for use as a general store and hotel. In 1894 the village of Helmer became a stagecoach mailstop and Gaylord Helmer added a second structure to accommodate more travelers. SIDE TWO Charles and Jeanie Fyvie purchased the Helmer House Inn and store in 1904. The store housed the post office until 1920, when rural free delivery (RFD) was instituted. The Fyvie family continued to live here and operate the store and hotel until 1950. Following nearly three decades of disrepair and neglect, in 1981 the building received new windows, doors, porch, roof and stone facing and was reopened as a hotel to commemorate its centennial.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1881, 1894
Registry Type(s) 01/04/1983 Marker erected
01/13/1982 State Register listed
Site ID# P23987