Tecumseh Historic District, photo submitted in 1984.
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Tecumseh Historic District (Boundary Increase)
704-710 West Chicago Boulevard, Tecumseh - Lenawee County
Other Names See also: Tecumseh Historic District
Property Type district
Historic Use DOMESTIC
Current Use DOMESTIC
Style Colonial Revival
Narrative Description The Tecumseh Historic District Boundary Increase consists of two large, early twentieth-century, brick and frame, Colonial Revival homes as well as one of Tecumseh's finest Italianate houses--all set back from the street on ample lawns. The brick Italianate house stands at the west end of Tecumseh's historic residential area and faces directly east toward downtown Tecumseh in line with Chicago Boulevard. In its early days, before large trees and shrubs were permitted to grow up in the deep front lawn, the house closed the vista westward from downtown Tecumseh.
Statement of Significance The Tecumseh Historic District Boundary Increase is significant for containing the former residences of two prominent Tecumseh citizens, Consider A. Stacy and Ray W. Herrick. Consider Stacy was an attorney who settled in Tecumseh in 1835. He served as justice of the peace, judge of probate (a position he filled for twelve years), and as prosecuting attorney for Lenawee County. He was also involved in the local school board, and was active in establishing the State Normal School in Ypsilanti, as well as many business interests in Tecumseh. In 1858 he built an elaborate brick Italianate home on West Chicago Boulevard which remains today as one of the town's outstanding examples of Italianate architecture. Ray W. Herrick, who lived at 706 West Chicago Boulevard, was the founder in the 1930s of Tecumseh Products, a compressor firm which is still Tecumseh's largest business and employer. Because of the firm's presence, Tecumseh calls itself the "Refrigeration Capital of the World."
Period of Significance 1826-1865
Significant Date(s) 1858
Registry Type(s) 05/18/1990 National Register listed
Site ID# P23927