Brookside Cemetery, photo submitted in 1986.
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Brookside Cemetery
North Union Street, Tecumseh - Lenawee County
Property Type cemetery
Historic Use FUNERARY
Current Use FUNERARY/cemetery
Style Other
Narrative Description The National Register recognized portion of Brookside Cemetery comprises the rectangular, twenty-five acre, original section of the grounds set aside for burial purposes in 1853. In the tree-shaded grounds, curving drives form fifteen irregular oral or circular "islands" containing a large collection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century monuments. The cemetery grounds contain a stone arch entrance dating from 1915, a 1913, Neo-Classical Revival-style public mausoleum, and the city's Civil War memorial, constructed in 1882.
Statement of Significance Brookside Cemetery is significant in the local context for its role as Tecumseh's principal early burial ground, the resting place of many of Tecumseh's pioneers and leading citizens; as an example of the romantic cemetery genre; and for the quality and variety of its funerary art and architecture. Brookside Cemetery was established by the Village of Tecumseh in 1853 because of lack of room in the original graveyard at the corner of Ottawa and Kilbuck. During the next ten years, two-hundred eighty-two bodies were moved to the new site from the abandoned cemetery. The graves of early settlers, including Abi Evans and Joseph W. Brown, and later prominent citizens are located within the nominated, original section of Brookside.
Period of Significance 1826-1865
Significant Date(s) Established 1853
Registry Type(s) 08/13/1986 National Register listed
Site ID# P23916