Mansfield Mine Location Historic District
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Mansfield Mine Location Historic District
Stream Road, Mansfield - Iron County
Property Type log building
Historic Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Current Use DOMESTIC
Style Other
Narrative Description The Mansfield Mine Location Historic District includes properties along Old Mansfield Mine Road, Stream Road, and Alto Road in Mansfield Township. The district is rural in character and contains primarily residential buildings. The majority of the dwellings are simple, small, one-story, gable-roof structures of log construction, often with dovetailed joints, built between 1896 and about 1900. Several have shed-type additions, not of recent vintage. The single mine-related building still standing-- the powder house-- has walls of rough-cut stone, but does not have a roof.
Statement of Significance The Mansfield Mine Location Historic District is significant as the sight of the single worst mining accident in Iron County. The district is also significant as a well preserved mining location and as one of the three surviving settlements of log structures which date from the turn of the century in Iron County. The mine was developed in 1889 by the Mansfield Mining Company and quickly became the most important mine in Mansfield Township because of its high quality Bessemer ore. On September 28, 1893, a cave-in occurred when timbers supporting the fourth level of the mine collapsed. The upper three levels in turn collapsed. Part of the mine was located beneath the Michigamme River, with the first level a mere twelve feet below the river's bottom. As the first level collapsed, its roof caved in and the river rushed into the mining shafts, drowning twenty-seven workers out of a forty-eight person crew. The mine closed and a forest fire the following year claimed all of the original mine buildings with the exception of the timber head frame. In 1896, the DeSoto Iron Company of Springfield, Illinois, took over the property, diverted the flow of the river, and continued mining the ore. The mine closed in 1913. Today residents of the location either farm or commute to jobs in Crystal Falls.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1866, 1900, 1901, 1930
Registry Type(s) 12/22/1983 National Register listed
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