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Cherry Hill Historic District
Cherry Hill and Ridge Roads, Canton Township - Wayne County
Historic Use COMMERCE/TRADE/specialty store
DOMESTIC/multiple dwelling
DOMESTIC/single dwelling
RELIGION/religious facility
Current Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
RELIGION/religious facility
Style Gothic Revival
Narrative Description Located at the intersection of Ridge and Cherry Hill roads in Canton Township, Michigan, the Cherry Hill Historic District incorporates those buildings and features that formed the core of Cherry Hill, a rural crossroad hamlet. Cherry Hill served as a central place filling the educational, social, religious and some commercial needs of residents living within its boundries and on nearby farmsteads until the 1960s. Approaching from the south, Ridge road intersects Cherry Hill road in the center of the hamlet and then jogs slightly east running concomitantly with Cherry Hill road a short distance before continuing on a roughly northeastern line. The district is linear in nature with all properties facing either Ridge or Cherry Hill roads. Included in the district along the western side of South Ridge road are buildings associated with one of Henry Ford's Village Industry projects and a nineteenth century farmhouse with its accompanying wooded space. Located along the eastern side of South Ridge road are a Gothic Revival style church and a settlement era cemetery, both dating to the nineteenth century. Located adjacent to and north of the cemetery is a nineteenth century, two-story, Italianate inn. Across from the inn on the north side of Cherry Hill road is a nineteenth century school, also in the Italianate style. Located to the west along the north side of Cherry Hill road is an early twentieth century house. Mature trees, wooded areas and remnants of farm outbuildings within the boundaries all lead to the impression of the hamlet as a rural central place that served as a community focus for over a century.
Statement of Significance The Cherry Hill Historic District contains the primary remnants of Cherry Hill, the last of Canton Township's five hamlets to retain substantial historic resources. Of the five hamlets that arose in the township, Murray's Corners, Tonquish Creek, Lilley's Corners, Sheldon Corners and Cherry Hill, Cherry Hill has endured the longest, maintaining its significance as a central place up until the 1960s when the last major commerical functions ended. The district contains the oldest church building in the township, a cemetery that dates to Canton's earliest years and one of the few nineteenth century schoolhouses left in the suburban township. Also in the district are structures associated with on of Henry Ford's Village Industries projects; probably the most unique of all of Henry Ford's Village Industries projects in that part of its purpose was provide work for veterans suffering physical and mental challenges because of their wartime service. The district also contains the only remaining Italianate building in the township.
Period of Significance Mid 19th Century
first half 20th century
Significant Date(s) 1865, 1876, 1882, 1924, 1943, 1944
Registry Type(s) 04/02/2003 National Register listed
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