Crystal Falls Damn and Power Plant
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Crystal Falls Dam and Power Plant
Pine Street, Crystal Falls - Iron County
Property Type power plant
Historic Use OTHER
Current Use OTHER
Style Other
Narrative Description The Crystal Falls Dam and Power Plant consists of a two-story, hip-roof power house, approximately thirty feet by sixty feet in size and, adjacent to it and spanning the Paint River, a concrete gravity dam, with four concrete spillway sections, approximately seventy-five feet long and fifteen feet high. The power house has a poured concrete foundation and is finished in yellow brick with sandstone trim.
Statement of Significance The Crystal Falls Power Plant is significant in engineering terms as one of the oldest-- if not the oldest-- extant hydro-electric plants in the Upper Peninsula and as probably the oldest still in operation. The plant is also notable as one of the oldest public facilities in Iron County. The generating plant and dam were constructed in 1891 by the Village of Crystal Falls and leased to C.T. Roberts until 1896, when the Village assumed management. Although the power plant still operates and its generating capacity has been expanded several times, it does not generate enough electricity for the city's needs; since 1929, supplemental power has been purchased from the Wisconsin Electric Company.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1866-1900
Registry Type(s) 12/22/1983 National Register listed
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