E. O. Grosvenor House, photo submitted 1977 E. O. Grosvenor House, photo submitted 1977
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Grosvenor, E. O., House
211 Maumee Street, Jonesville - Hillsdale County
Other Names Gamble House
Property Type brick house
Historic Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Current Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Style Italianate
Late Victorian
Architect/Builder Elijah E. Myers
Narrative Description The E. O. Grosvenor House is a rectangular two-story High Victorian Italianate red brick house set on a raised stone foundation. Its basic shape is obscured by various projections -- bays, porches, and servants' quarters. The most striking feature is a squared corner bay which features a corniced gable with return. Decorative elements include brackets, dentils, and a fielded panel frieze, columns, porches, and framed windows.
Statement of Significance Completed in 1874 from plans by Elijah E. Myers at a cost of $37,000, the E.O. Grosvenor House is significant as an outstanding architectural example of High Victorian Italianate architecture and for its association with a prominent local figure. Ebenezer Oliver Grosvenor was a Michigan state senator, treasurer, lieutenant governor, University of Michigan regent, and involved with the building of the state capitol building. In 1960 the Gamble family purchased the residence and subsequently sold it to the Jonesville Heritage Association approximately 1976. The beautifully crafted Victorian elements on the interior are in good condition and the building is used as a residence. The carriage house is used as a garage.
Marker Name Grosvenor House
Marker Text GROSVENOR HOUSE Completed in 1874, this structure of High Victorian Italianate design is one of the most magnificent residences in Michigan. The interior, an excellent example of a living museum of the 1870s, contains thirty-two rooms with twelve-foot ceilings. Other striking features are eight Italian marble fireplaces each of a different color, walnut window valances with carved Egyptian heads, and a sweeping balustrade staircase. Despite the fact that electricity was installed in 1915, this house still retains several gas-operated globe lights. SIDE TWO Elijah E. Myers designed this residence for Ebenezer Oliver Grosvenor (1820-1910). An eminent Jonesville citizen and banker, Grosvenor was also a prominent Republican statesman. He served two terms as state senator and treasurer, one term as lieutenant governor, and seven years as a University of Michigan regent. He was also vice-president and presiding officer of the State Building Commission responsible for the erection of the Michigan State Capitol in 1874-1879, which Myers also designed.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1874
Registry Type(s) 03/20/1978 Marker erected
12/06/1977 National Register listed
04/15/1977 State Register listed
Site ID# P23248