The A.W. Wright House, photo submitted in 1980.
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Wright, A. W., House
503 North State Street, Alma - Gratiot County
Other Names Ammi Willard and Anna Case Wright House
Stack, Jack M., M.D., Offices
Property Type stone house
Historic Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
EDUCATION/research facility
HEALTH CARE/hospital
Current Use COMMERCE/TRADE/business
Style Romanesque
Architect/Builder Spier and Rohns
Narrative Description The A.W. Wright House is a three story Richardson Romanesque Revival residence, built of randomly coursed rock-faced Ionia sandstone on a Vermont granite foundation. Gables, bays, and porches that are ornamented with balustrades, columns, and carved stone project from the building's exterior. It was constructed between 1886 and 1887 and was inhabited by Ammi W. Wright and his family. When the house was finished in 1887, it incorporated the latest conveniences of hot and cold running water, gas lighting, and even wiring for the future use of electricity into the home. The structure has served as a hospital, institute, research center, and presently houses office space and a doctor's offices.
Statement of Significance Ammi W. Wright arrived in Alma in 1884 after amassing a large fortune in the lumbering industry. In 1886, he began the construction of a grand, two-story, stone residence based on designs by the prominent Detroit architectural firm of Spier and Rohns, and constructed by master builder G.S. Young of Alma. In 1933, Mrs. R. B. Smith purchased the residence and remodeled it into a hospital in memory of her late husband, a well-known local doctor. In 1959, Wesley P. Jordan bought the building as the first home of the Northwood Institute, a research facility that later moved to Midland. Today, the elegant residence continues in use as a medical facility and as the office of a non-profit public foundation.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1886-87
Registry Type(s) 07/29/1980 State Register listed
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