Glazier Stove Company Warehouse and Clocktower Building, photo taken 1993
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Glazier Stove Company Warehouse and Clocktower Building
310Main Street, Chelsea - Washtenaw County
Other Names Clocktower Building
Property Type commercial building
Historic Use COMMERCE/TRADE/warehouse
Current Use COMMERCE/TRADE/business
Style Postmedieval English
Significant Person Frank P. Glazier
Narrative Description The Glazier Stove Company Warehouse and Clocktower Building is a three-story rectangular structure providing over sixty thousand square feet of storage space. The building is built in the Jacobethan Revival style of dark red brick. It contained automatic sprinklers, electric elevators, modern machinery and every up-to-date appliance, according to the Chelsea Standard's, November 2, 1905, issue. Construction of the building was completed using the "Kahn system" of reinforced concrete. This system, named for Detroit architect Albert Kahn, is cement mixed with gravel and sand, forming a grout. The grout was packed in forms with steel bars running through it in such a way as to bind all parts firmly together and prevent all possibility of cracking. The piers, columns, floors and roof were all built in this way. The building was completed within the year, and was used as a warehouse for the factory.
Statement of Significance The Glazier Stove Company Warehouse and Clocktower building is the most prominent building that remains in the Glazier Stove Company stove works complex, and is the most visible landmark in the village of Chelsea. The stove company was the principal business of Frank Porter Glazier, under whose direction the Glazier Stove Company was a profitable major player in the lucrative stove industry of Michigan and the United States. The building continues to serve industrial uses.
Period of Significance 1907-1918
Significant Date(s) 1907
Registry Type(s) 01/23/1997 State Register listed
Site ID# P710