The Pelkie Schoolhouse, photo submitted in 1980.
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Pelkie School House
227 North Pelkie Road, Baraga Township - Baraga County
Property Type one room schoolhouse
Historic Use EDUCATION/school
Style Other
Narrative Description The Pelkie Schoolhouse, constructed in 1909, is a one-room, single-story, rectangular building with a wooden clapboard exterior and a sheet-metal roof resting on a fieldstone foundation. A replica of the original louvered, square belfry housing a cast-iron bell is located at the peak of the roof over the entrance. A small, hip-roofed porch shields the entrance.
Statement of Significance The Pelkie School is a well-preserved example of an early rural school. The building housed grades one to eight until consolidation caused its abandonment in 1932. The school was restored, inside and out, by local citizens in 1980 and opened as a museum and educational center.
Period of Significance 1909-1932
Significant Date(s) 1909
Registry Type(s) 06/10/1980 State Register listed
Site ID# P22519