The Suttons Bay Railroad Depot, photo submitted in 1997.
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Leelanau Transit Company Suttons Bay Depot
101Cedar Street, Suttons Bay - Leelanau County
Other Names Suttons Bay Railroad Depot
Property Type railroad depot
Historic Use TRANSPORTATION/rail related
Current Use COMMERCE/TRADE/professional
Style Bungalow/Craftsman
Narrative Description The Suttons Bay Railroad Depot is a one-story, hip roof, fieldstone wall building that was built in 1919 by the Leelanau Transit Company. The exterior walls of locally gathered uncoursed rounded cobblestones give the modest building an Arts-and-Crafts-inspired finish. A continuous deep overhang around the entire perimeter of the building shelters the walls and trackside platform. The Depot stands between the main track of the road (built 1903; west side of the depot) and a siding (acquired and probably built in 1907; east side) and faces west.
Statement of Significance Built in 1919 as a passenger and freight station on the Leelanau Transit Company railroad line, the building is the more intact of two similar uncoursed, rounded fieldstone depots on the former line. The depot is one of a small collection of public buildings on the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan's northwestern Lower Peninsula which are landmarks because of their walls built from the plentiful local supply of rounded cobblestones left behind by the glaciers of the last ice age. L2032
Period of Significance 1919-1947
Significant Date(s) 1919
Registry Type(s) 08/21/1997 National Register listed
09/04/1997 State Register listed
Site ID# P21779