The Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Light, photo submitted in 1990.
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Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Light
Off M-28 E of Christmas and W of Powell Point, Christmas vicinity - Alger County
Property Type lighthouse
Historic Use DEFENSE/coast guard facility
TRANSPORTATION/water related
Style Other
Narrative Description The Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Light is an unattached, conical steel tower capped by a round lantern. The tower is sixty-two feet high from the base to the top of the ventilator ball. The steel-framed tower rests on a concrete foundation pier and is covered with steel plate, originally painted black. A metal door at the base provides entry to the metal spiral staircase which gives access to the lantern and light room deck. The tower was constructed in 1913, possibly with some sections salvaged from other harbor lights. It is located near the site of the first Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Light which was a frame building constructed in 1868 and demolished about the time the new light was constructed. The light was automated at the time of its construction and operated until 1969 when it was closed.
Statement of Significance The construction of a new Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Light in 1913 to 1914 was part of a broader pattern of the replacement of virtually all harbor lights with steel-framed structures covered with cast iron or steel plating. This light appears to be one of the tallest, if not the tallest, of the lights constructed in the Great Lakes using the riveted steel plate technique. Together with its no-longer extant front range light, the Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Light assisted ships entering the narrow, rock and shoal-lined channel west of Grand Island in keeping on the proper heading.
Period of Significance 1913-1969
Significant Date(s) 1913-1914
Registry Type(s) 06/26/1990 National Register listed
Site ID# P22441