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Dingledey, Phillip and Maria Hasselbach, House
1638Haggerty Road, Canton Township - Wayne County
Property Type frame house
Historic Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Current Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Style Other
Narrative Description This is an Upright and Wing with Victorian details. A one story wing is located between a two story gabled front section, and a 1 1/2 story gable front section. The recessed porch on the wing has chamfered columns and arching brackets. There is an eight foot window near the door with six lights over six. The remaining windows are six lights over six with black shutters. The house has clapboard siding painted blue with white trim. The upper story windows have pedimented crowns, and the first story windows have straight hood moldings. The wide cornice line is accentuated with paired brackets under the eaves. Spindlework detailing with a drop is located in the apex of the gable peaks. The 1 1/2 story upright has a Gothic Revival window with a heavier pedimented crown. A modern fieldstone chimney is located on the south facade. Another brick chimney is located in the center of the north upright. The house has a rubble stone foundation. The five panel wood entry door has a two light transom above. There is a wood screen door over the entry door. The porch on the rear of the house has a shed roof and spindlework supports. A cellar door is located in the basement on the rear facade with rubble stone steps leading down to it.
Statement of Significance This property is significant because of its architecture. It is an excellent example of an Upright and Wing farmhouse built in the 1881 time period. The double upright is unusual. The amount of Gothic Revival and Italianate detailing reflects a home built to demonstrate growing affluence. The house remains in excellent condition with the original clapboard siding and ca. 1880 details intact.
Period of Significance 1881
Significant Date(s) 1881
Registry Type(s) 06/02/2000 National Register listed
Site ID# P39140