Trunk Line Bridge No. 237
Burt Road over Silver Creek, Ransom Township - Hillsdale County
Other Names Burt Road Bridge
Property Type bridge
Historic Use TRANSPORTATION/road-related (vehicular)
Current Use TRANSPORTATION/road-related (vehicular)
Architect/Builder Beighton and Spaulding
State Highway Department
Narrative Description Main span number: 1 Main span length: 31 Structure length: 36 Roadway width: 22 Structure width: 20 This barrel-vaulted deck-arch bridge carries an unpaved former state highway through a wooded rural area. Concrete solid parapet railings with five rectangular recessed panels on both inner and outer faces edge the roadway. A bridge plate is attached to the inner face of the railing at the southwest corner.
Statement of Significance An 1894 atlas shows a thoroughfare following the present route of Burt Road, presumably carried across Silver Creek by a previous structure. At the time of the present bridge's construction, this unpaved section of Burt Road formed part of State Highway No. 308, which ran east-west. Identified by the bridge plate as Trunk Line Bridge No. 237, the structure was built by the state highway department during Frank F. Rogers' term as commissioner. The plate also names Beighton and Spaulding, a company based in Pioneer, Ohio, as the contractor. The bridge's design is apparently based upon the highway department's standardized plan for reinforced concrete arches, which was presented in the department's 1914 Fifth Biennial Report. The 1916 report contains a photograph of a similar 40 foot span in Berrien County, which is still extant.
Period of Significance 1918-1947
Significant Date(s) 1918
Registry Type(s) 01/14/2000 National Register listed
Site ID# P22313