Mulford T. Hunter House, photo submitted 1994
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Hunter, Mulford T., House
77Hancock Avenue, Detroit - Wayne County
Other Names Mulford T. Hunter House
Property Type brick house
stone house
town house
Historic Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Current Use DOMESTIC/multiple dwelling
Style Queen Anne
Architect/Builder William P. Langley
Significant Person Mulford T. Hunter
Narrative Description The dwelling has a simple, rectangular ground plan laid out on a north-south axis. The northernmost section of the home, nearest the street, features a two story, side-gabled shape. The rear portion of the building is two stories high and has a flat roof. A chimney is found on the eastern side of the building. The entrance facade has an asymmetrical design; a rounded two story bay appears to the left and a smooth-walled section with a one story wooden porch is found to the right. Two pedimented dormers complete the facade. The porch has a projecting soffit; dentils appear in the cornice. The porch is supported by ionic columns atop pedestals that are raised at the level of the porch railings. Turned balusters appear in the railings. The door to the house has an elliptical fanlight that is framed by a Syrian arch. Directly above the porch is an oval window, framed with decorative masonry. The second story bay windows are similarly treated. Masonry is used to create keystone forms above the first story bay windows and above the oval window. The entablature of the entrance facade combines modillions and dentils in a rich design. Leading appears in the dormer windows and the fantail of the entrance door, otherwise the windows are of a simple double sash design. The foundation of the building is composed of brick and cut stone. The original slate roof is still intact.
Statement of Significance The house at 77 West Hancock is a fine example of a Queen Anne-styled townhouse, something very rare in the city of Detroit. The building was erected in 1894 by Mulford T. Hunter, a retired steamboat captain, to house his daughter, his son-in-law, his granddaughter, and himself. The permit was issued to William P. Langley, a Detroit builder.
Period of Significance 1894
Significant Date(s) 1894
Registry Type(s) 07/22/1994 National Register listed
Site ID# P3453