Gibraltar Raod Bridge
Gibraltar Road, Waterway Canal, Gibraltar - Wayne County
Property Type bridge
Historic Use TRANSPORTATION/road-related (vehicular)
Current Use TRANSPORTATION/road-related (vehicular)
Architect/Builder Wayne County Road Commission
Narrative Description main span number: 3 main span length: 52.0 structure length: 98.0 roadway width: 53.0 structure width: 38.0 A small canal runs between the mainland and Swan Island, which is located a the base of the Trenton Canal, near where the Detroit River flows into Lake Erie. Gibraltar Road is carried to Swan Island by a 50-foot concrete cantilevered T-beam bridge. The suspended center section is nine feet long. Two 5.5 foot sidewalks flank the 38-foot roadway. THe concrete balustrade railing has urn-shaped spindles. THe bottom of the span's ten T-beams are curved to suggest an arched structure, making the bridge an attractive focal point for the surrounding village. A marina is to the north.
Statement of Significance When the county paved Gibralter Road in the early 1930s, it erected several new bridges along the route, including a reinforced-concrete cantilevered-arch span over a local canal. The 1931-1932 annual report of the Wayne County Road Commissioners noted that "this low sweeping arch bridge is in keeping with its surroundings and is one of the features which make Gibralter Road so attractive." Plans for the bridge (#403), prepared under the supervision of chief designer F. H. Chapin, are retained by the Wayne County Department of Public Works. This bridge is an excellent example of the attractive and creative designs developed by the Wayne County Road Commission.
Period of Significance 1932-1947
Significant Date(s) 1932
Registry Type(s) 02/10/2000 National Register listed
Site ID# P25538