Clinton Grove Cemetery, photo submitted c. 1996. Clinton Grove Cemetery, photo submitted c. 1996. Clinton Grove Cemetery, photo submitted c. 1996. Clinton Grove Cemetery, photo submitted c. 1996. Clinton Grove Cemetery, photo submitted c. 1996.
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Clinton Grove Cemetery Complex
21189Cass Avenue, Clinton Township - Macomb County
Property Type cemetery
Historic Use FUNERARY/cemetery
Current Use FUNERARY/cemetery
Style Late Victorian
Narrative Description The Clinton Grove Cemetery is located west of Mt. Clemens in Clinton Township on Cass Avenue between Groesbeck Highway and Little Road. It is a fifty-acre burial ground owned and operated by the Clinton Grove Cemetery Association. The property includes an office and chapel, mausoleum, caretaker's house and over nineteen thousand graves. There are family mausoleums and crypts among the in-ground burials. Clinton Grove had its beginnings in the nineteenth-century "rural" cemetery movement and made the transformation to a twentieth-century perpetual care memorial park, hence there are a wide variety of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century monuments, many representing exquisite funerary art. Clinton Grove has a beautifully treed landscape near the North Branch of the Clinton River in central Macomb County. There are over 570 trees in the cemetery, many are well over one hundred years old. Further, there are memorial trees on individual plots.
Statement of Significance The Clinton Grove Cemetery Association was established as a non-sectarian, non-profit association on March 30, 1855. The original cemetery parcel was comprised of five acres; today it has grown to fifty acres with the last parcel purchased in 1992. Clinton Grove Cemetery has its beginnings in the rural cemetery movement. Today, it is an outstanding example of a well-maintained urban, park-like memorial cemetery. It retains the character and fabric of a Victorian-era cemetery both in terms of its landscape and its gravemarkers, which represent the unique variety of handsome markers and monuments available at that time. The cemetery sustains its historical character throughout. The cemetery is also noteworthy for its office and chapel which are the work of architect Theopolis Van Damme.
Marker Name Clinton Grove Cemetery
Marker Text CLINTON GROVE CEMETERY Established in 1855, the Clinton Grove Cemetery exhibits an exquisite array of funerary art in a wooded landscape. This combination of nature and monuments reflects the rural cemetery movement of the nineteenth century, which popularized park-like, pastoral planned landscapes in both rural and urban settings. The grounds include a caretaker's house, built around 1885, and a Tudor office and chapel building, designed by Mount Clemens architect Theophilus Van Damme, which dates from 1914. Many business and political leaders are interred here as well as veterans of American military conflicts from the Revolutionary War through the Vietnam War. Six thousand burials date from the nineteenth century. Clinton Grove Cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
Period of Significance 1826-1865
Significant Date(s) 1855
Registry Type(s) 05/03/1996 Marker erected
07/25/1996 National Register listed
02/29/1996 State Register listed
Site ID# P187