Palmer Park Boulevard Apartments District Palmer Park Boulevard Apartments District
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Palmer Park Boulevard Apartment Buildings Historic District
1981, 2003, and 2025 West McNichols Road, Highland Park - Wayne County
Property Type apartment houses
Historic Use DOMESTIC/multiple dwelling
Current Use DOMESTIC/multiple dwelling
Style Colonial Revival
Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival
Architect/Builder Richard H. Marr
Narrative Description The Palmer Park Boulevard Apartment district contains three adjacent exceptional apartment buildings of the mid-1920s, all designed by the same architect, all observing uniform height, setbacks, and general plan, and all in classically derived styles. The district represents well high-class, low rise apartment development of the period.
Statement of Significance The Palmer Park Boulevard Apartments, known individually as the Northcourse, Southcourse, and Georgian Apartments have significance as fine examples of the best quality of apartment development in the mid-1920s, as buildings relating to the overall history of the Palmer Park/Golf Club/University area of metropolitan Detroit, and as the most exclusive and elegant apartments in the City of Highland Park. They also share the significance of having been part of a specially designed and developed row of five buildings; this significance is reduced by the severe fire damage to the Fairway and Douglas Apartments at the east end of the row. They are of interest as works of architect Richard Marr, generally known for very large single family houses. These apartments broaden our understanding of his work, particularly since one of them was submitted for and accepted by the Thumb Tack Club of Detroit for its 1924 exhibition and book.
Period of Significance 1923-1925
Significant Date(s) 1923-1925
Registry Type(s) 01/22/1992 National Register listed
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