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Medbury's-Grove Lawn Subdivisions Historic District
Roughly bounded by Hamilton Ave., alley S of Louise Ave., and alley S of Puritan Ave., Highland Park - Wayne County
Other Names Eason-Moss Puritan Avenues Historic District
Property Type suburb
Historic Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Current Use DOMESTIC/multiple dwelling
Style Colonial Revival
Tudor Revival
Architect/Builder unknown
Narrative Description The Medbury's-Grove Lawn Subdivisions Historic District is a neighborhood of single-family, detached homes lining three paralleled urban-suburban streets in Highland Park, a city entirely surrounded by the city of Detroit. The district contains 272 single-family homes, of which 251 are classified as contributing to the district's historic character. The houses are excellent examples of the variety found in American suburban domestic architecture of the period 1900-1930. Bungalows and bungalow-style houses with Craftsman or colonial details predominate, but foursquare, colonial revival, and English cottage types are also present. The district also contains 272 garages and sheds all located along alleys which cut through the centers of the blocks. All but twenty-one appear to date from the era of the district's development and reflect the suburban, upwardly mobile, middle-class, historic character of the neighborhood.
Statement of Significance Built up largely in the 1910s and 1920s, the Medbury's-Grove Lawn Subdivisions Historic District contains Michigan's most outstanding collection of single-family bungalows and bungalow-style homes, notable both for their variety and level of craftsmanship and detailing.
Period of Significance 1910-1930
Registry Type(s) 02/08/1988 National Register listed
Site ID# P25325