Building in the Highland Park General Hospital Complex, photo submitted 1985 Building in the Highland Park General Hospital Complex, photo submitted 1985
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Highland Park General Hospital
357 Glendale Avenue, Highland Park - Wayne County
Other Names Highland Park General Hospital Complex
Property Type hospital
Historic Use HEALTH CARE/hospital
Current Use DOMESTIC/multiple dwelling
Style Modern Movement
Architect/Builder Meyer G. Sturm
Smith, Tarapata and MacMahon
Narrative Description The Highland Park General Hospital Complex consists of three separate building units situated on a six-acre site at the western edge of Highland Park, Michigan. The primary building unit of the complex faces northwest on Glendale Avenue, and consists of the original hospital building (1918) and the nurses' residence (1925). Two smaller building units are located to the rear of the complex site, consisting of the power plant and laundry buildings (1921 and 1940) and the Contagious and Psychopathic Units (1926). The complex was developed to be a coherent, monumental assemblage of buildings and wings, being united by a clear sense of hierarchical relationships, common materials and a fundamentally simple and utilitarian approach to design, regardless of period of construction. The building elements erected during the 1920s to the 1940s are detailed in a neo-Georgian manner characteristic of "period" design of this period, while the elements erected during the post-World War II years have no historical or ornamental detailing. The complex is located in a residential district which is comprised of both apartment structures and single-family dwellings. A parking lot is located across the street to the northwest and there has been some clearance of lots in the vicinity. The John C. Lodge Expressway borders the property on the west. Four structures, the main hospital building, the nurses' residence, the power plant/laundry, and the contagious/psychopathic units, are considered contributing while one- and two-story additions to the main hospital building and nurses' residence are considered noncontributing.
Statement of Significance The old Highland Park General Hospital Complex is an important landmark in Highland Park history. The complex began as one of the first two municipal institutions established when the people of Highland Park voted to become a city in December of 1916. Erected by the community's new city government from 1918 to 1921, it served thereafter as a distinguished and respected health care facility in the Detroit metropolitan area until its closing in 1976. From the beginning, the operation of the hospital, together with that of the city's other fine municipal institutions, contributed a strong image of municipal independence as Detroit annexed more suburban territory in the surrounding vicinity. The complex developed in an integrated and coherent fashion to provide a visually prominent and monumental presence in this section of the city.
Period of Significance 1918-1976
Significant Date(s) 1918, 1926
Registry Type(s) 10/31/1985 National Register listed
03/05/1979 State Register listed
Site ID# P25321