David Whitney House, Detroit, Wayne County, photo submitted 1976. David Whitney House, Detroit, Wayne County, photo submitted 1976.
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Whitney, David, House
4421 Woodward Avenue, Detroit - Wayne County
Property Type stone house
Historic Use DOMESTIC
Style Romanesque
Architect/Builder Gordon W. Lloyd
Significant Person David Whitney, Jr.
Narrative Description The David Whitney House is an irregularly massed, three-story Romanesque Revival mansion with walls of pink South Dakota jasper. The building is topped by a patterned shingle roof. Polished jasper columns support multiple arches and the house features Tiffany leaded glass windows. Over forty-two rooms in the house are decorated with marble, onyx, and hand-carved woodwork.
Statement of Significance The David Whitney House is one of the finest mansions in Detroit and was the home of David Whitney Jr., one of its wealthiest citizens. Whitney, a lumber baron and steam ship owner, commissioned Detroit architect Gordon W. Lloyd to design his home, which was constructed from 1890 to 1894. The building later housed the Visiting Nurse Association and is currently used as a restaurant.
Marker Name David Whitney, Jr. Residence
Marker Text DAVID WHITNEY, JR. RESIDENCE This mansion was once described as "an American palace enjoying the distinction of being the most pretentious modern home in the state and one of the most elaborate houses in the west." David Whitney, Jr. (1830-1900), its owner, was one of the wealthiest lumber barons in the Midwest. Begun in 1890, the house took four years to construct. Its exterior is made of pink jasper, mined in South Dakota. The luxurious interior is reminiscent of residences of Napoleonic Paris. Its features include silk-covered walls and ceilings, tapestries, extensive woodwork, leaded crystal and Tiffany windows.
Period of Significance 1890-1894
Significant Date(s) 1890, 1894
Registry Type(s) 08/11/1980 Marker erected
08/21/1972 National Register listed
12/10/1971 State Register listed
Site ID# P25285