Merrill Fountain at Palmer Park, photo 1974
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Palmer Park
North of Second Avenue at Merrill Plaisance, Detroit - Wayne County
Other Names Merrill Fountain
Palmer Park Log Cabin
Property Type fountain
Historic Use RECREATION AND CULTURE/works of art
Current Use RECREATION AND CULTURE/works of art
Style Italian Renaissance
Architect/Builder Carrere and Hastings
John Mervin Carrere
Significant Person Charles Merrill
Narrative Description The Merrill Fountain in Palmer Park is a magnificent white marble structure in the Italian Renaissance style. In the forefront is a circular pool leading up one level to another pool which is clover-shaped with three marble blocks in the center, each with a water spout. At the top of the fountain is an arch elaborately carved into cattails and water lilies over a niche containing a marble turtle straddled by two stylized fish. From the mouths of the figures water spouts lead to a vase-like pool beneath. Three steps lead from the clover-shaped pool to a balustrade on either side of the arch. The balusters are decorated with glyphs, four lion heads, and two gargoyles at the huge end posts; all of which spout water into the clover-shaped pool. Two scrolls dip from each post to the wall which surrounds the lower circular pool. Another small pool lies behind the arch and two small fountains hang off each end post of the balustrade.
Statement of Significance The Palmer Park Merrill Fountain was designed by the architectural firm of Carrere and Hastings and was originally located in the Campus Martius in downtown Detroit. It was moved to Palmer Park in 1926. Palmer Park was carved out of the Palmer estate. The fountain was dedicated to Elisabeth Palmer's father, Charles Merrill. Both Palmer and Merrill were significant figures in Detroit politics and businesses.
Period of Significance 1901-1930
Significant Date(s) 1901, 1926
Registry Type(s) 12/14/1976 State Register listed
Site ID# P25193