Northwood House, photo taken 1973
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Northwood House
3985 Trumbull Avenue, Detroit - Wayne County
Other Names Hunter House
Property Type brick house
Historic Use DOMESTIC
Current Use DOMESTIC
Style French Renaissance
Architect/Builder GEORGE F. DEPEW
Narrative Description The William Northwood House is an elaborate three-story Chateauesque building with walls of rusticated stone and red brick. Overhanging, sloping front-gables faced with shingles cross the main side-gable roof of the house which is topped by red slate shingles. Round towers topped by conical roofs, square towers with sloping Mansard roofs, and oriels project from the main rectangle of the house. White, red, and yellow sandstone details ornament the facades, alternating with decorative sections of incised brickwork. Fanciful metal cresting surmounts some of the roofs. Other ornamentation includes polished jasper collonettes and transom windows filled with stained and leaded glass.
Statement of Significance The Northwood House is a well preserved and elaborate example of Chateauesque architecture and is associated with two prominent Detroit business families. William Northwood, co-founder of the Howard-Northwood Malt Manufacturing Company (1891) commissioned architect George F. Depew to design his home, completed from 1890 to 1891 at a cost of $13,500. The James J. Sullivan family, founders of Sullivan Beef (1895) purchased the home in 1903 and occupied the residence until 1957. Both companies were major employers in the city and the home reflected their prosperity. Few alterations were made to the home until 1966 when a side porch and conservatory were removed. The Hunter family purchased Northwood House in the early 1970s and made no exterior alterations. The interior also remains highly original.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1890-1891
Registry Type(s) 12/31/1974 National Register listed
07/26/1974 State Register listed
Site ID# P25189