Hook and Ladder House No. 5/Detroit Fire Department Repair Shop, photos dated 1973. Hook and Ladder House No. 5/Detroit Fire Department Repair Shop, photos dated 1973.
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Hook and Ladder House No. 5/Detroit Fire Department Repair Shop
3434Russell Street, Detroit - Wayne County
3400Russell Street, Detroit - Wayne County
Other Names Firehouse No. 5
Property Type fire station
Current Use GOVERNMENT/fire station
Style Commercial Style
Queen Anne
Architect/Builder Malcomson and Higginbotham
Narrative Description The Detroit Fire Department Hook and Ladder No. 5 and Detroit Fire Department Repair Shop complex consists of the Late Victorian fire station located at the southeast corner of Russell and Erskine Streets, the large repair shop constructed in 1917, the annex connecting the two, and several other more utilitarian additions occupying the center of the block behind the Russell Street buildings. Hook and Ladder house No. 5 is a Queen Anne style, two-story rectangular building of common brick and stone, resting on a rock-faced limestone foundation. A third floor attic space occupies the area within the steeply pitched hip roof, which features projecting shingled dormers. Original wood swinging doors, typical of firehouses in Detroit and elsewhere, are located on the front facade, and are bordered by red sandstone quoins and banding. The annex , the small building constructed as an addition to the fire station about 1911, and the 1917 repair shop resemble each other in style and materials; both are two story, flat-roofed brick buildings trimmed in terra cotta. By virtue of its size and zero setback, the repair shop dominates the Russell Street side and firmly identifies itself as a major facility of the Detroit Fire Department. Yet, it clearly designed to relate to the late-nineteenth century fire station by the positioning of its southwest corner entrance at an angle meeting the setback of the fire station and annex.
Statement of Significance The Detroit Hook and Ladder House no. 5 is the second oldest surviving fire station in Detroit and the oldest of four firehouses in the city designed by the prominent Detroit architectural firm of Malcomson & Higgenbotham. The station was built in 1888 to serve the soon to be expanding farmers' market and the surrounding ethnic residential community. In 1911, the small annex was built in anticipation of the later construction of the repair shop in 1917 to serve the city's growing motorized fleet. Hook and Ladder No. 5 served the city as a fire station until 1956 when a new station was built nearby to replace it. The 1888 station house is currently undergoing an exterior restoration as the interior is being converted for retail and residential use. The Detroit Fire Department Repair Shop, now vacant, was used until recent times by the Department of Public Works as a maintenance yard, carpenter shop, and electrical shop.
Period of Significance 1888-1956
Significant Date(s) 1956
Registry Type(s) 12/01/1997 National Register listed
06/19/1975 State Register listed
Site ID# P25155