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Ford, Henry, House
140 Edison Avenue, Detroit - Wayne County
Other Names Henry and Clara Ford House
Property Type brick house
Historic Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Current Use DOMESTIC/single dwelling
Style Italian Renaissance
Architect/Builder Henry Ford
Malcomson, Higginbotham and Clement
T. Glenn Phillips
Significant Person Henry Ford
Narrative Description The Henry Ford House is a symmetrical-front, broadly hip-roofed brick and limestone structure featuring a massive Tuscan-column portico with a square pier at each end, a side bay window topped by a balustrade, and limestone first-story round-arch over-window arches and beltcoursing. The roofline is punctuated by massive segmental-arch dormers.
Statement of Significance The Henry Ford House has historical significance as the residence of Detroit's noted automobile manufacturer and inventor, Henry Ford. It has architectural significance as the work of the prominent Detroit architectural firm of Smith, Hinchman and Grylls. Completed in 1907, the brick and limestone residence cost $483,253. Henry and Clara Ford lived here from 1908 to 1915 and were the first of what became a large community of automobile magnates to reside in Boston-Edison. While Ford lived on Edison Street, production commenced on the Model T, and the massive Ford Motor Company Plant in Highland Park was completed. Clara Ford's elaborate garden, east of the house, reflected an interest that would find expression in the formal gardens of Fairlane. In late 1915, the Fords sold the Edison residence and moved to Fairlane in Dearborn.
Marker Name Henry Ford House
Marker Text HENRY FORD HOUSE Henry and Clara Ford lived here from 1908 to 1915. The Fords were the first of was community of automobile magnates to reside in the Boston-Edison neighborhood. The Italian Renaissance Revival house, designed by Malcolmson, Higginbotham and Clement of Detroit, was completed in 1908. The elaborate gardens were designed by T. Glenn Phillips. The Fords built a machine shop above the garage for their son Edsel, who showed a keen interest in automobile design. The seven years in this house were the most creative of Mr. Ford's career. His Model T, mass production methods and wage-price theories which revolutionized American life and industry and reverberated around the world, all commenced while he resided here. In 1915 the Fords moved to Fair Lane, their estate in Dearborn.
Period of Significance 1908-1915
Significant Date(s) 1908, 1915
Registry Type(s) 03/23/1989 Marker erected
07/17/1986 State Register listed
Site ID# P25112