The Belcrest Hotel, photo submitted in 1984.
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Belcrest, The
5440 Cass Avenue, Detroit - Wayne County
Other Names Belcrest Hotel
Property Type brick building
Historic Use DOMESTIC/hotel
Current Use DOMESTIC/hotel
Style Exotic Revival
Architect/Builder CHARLES N. AGREE
Narrative Description The Belcrest Hotel is a twelve-story, steel and concrete building sheathed in brown brick and trimmed with terra cotta, built in 1926 according to the designs of Detroit architect Charles N. Agree. The building is T-shaped in plan, with the base of the T abutting the sidewalk along Cass Avenue. The building has a strong vertical character emphasized by three projecting bays, one facing Cass Avenue and one on each side of the leg of the T, which rise from the third floor through the twelfth and end above the cornice line in an ornamented gable. The one-story entry foyer, projecting from the north elevation, is graced with an identical gable. Elaborate terra-cotta cornice lines located above the second-floor level, the eleventh-floor level, and the twelfth floor define horizontal sections of the building.
Statement of Significance Built in 1926 as a luxury class apartment hotel, the Belcrest is significant as an early work of Detroit architect Charles N. Agree and a work which helped establish his reputation locally as a first class designer. It is also significant as a prime early Detroit example of the apartment hotel development concept. Though by 1926 this development idea was successful in other major cities such as New York and Chicago, the Belcrest was one of the first buildings in Detroit to be designed to provide the services of a hotel coupled with long term residential features of an apartment building.
Period of Significance 1901-1930
Significant Date(s) 1926-1927
Registry Type(s) 05/31/1984 National Register listed
11/30/1983 State Register listed
Site ID# P25025