Brinkerhoff-Becker House, photo submitted 1981
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Brinkerhoff-Becker House
601 West Forest Avenue, Ypsilanti - Washtenaw County
Other Names Becker-Stachlewitz House
Property Type frame house
Historic Use DOMESTIC
Current Use DOMESTIC
Style Queen Anne
Narrative Description The Brinerhoff-Becker House is a square, two-and-one-half-story, frame structure with Queen Anne style, gable, porch,and driveway trim. The house's most prominent feature is the round, helmet-domed tower which stands at the corner . The structure has recently been remodelled into apartments.
Statement of Significance The Brinkerhoff-Becker house was built between 1863-1869 and remodelled to its present appearance in 1891. The helmet-dome, oriental corner-tower of this elaborately detailed structure is significant as a key visual and architectural landmark.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1863, 1869, 1891
Registry Type(s) 07/08/1982 National Register listed
08/12/1977 State Register listed
Site ID# P24944