Fowler Schoolhouse, photo submitted c. 1989
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Fowler Schoolhouse
13240 W. Townline, St. Charles - Saginaw County
Property Type schoolhouse
Historic Use EDUCATION
Current Use EDUCATION/school
Style Other
Narrative Description The Fowler School is a small, wood-frame, one-story, vernacular building. Rectangular in plan, with a gable roof, the principle facade features two symmetrically placed single doors, each within a rectangular transom window, and a small wooden plaque at the gable peak. The two side elevations contain three simple rectangular windows.
Statement of Significance The Fowler School has historical significance as the first frame school building for School District No. 1. Classes for the district were first held for school year 1880-1881 in a log shanty; the first class numbered twenty-six students. Operation of the school continued uninterrupted until 1943, after which the school was closed, and like most rural schools, was absorbed into a larger district. In 1988, the Fowler School was moved from its original site to a rural setting on Murphy Farm, a public education resource operated by the Hartley Outdoor Education Center, where it will be restored.
Period of Significance 1866-1900
Significant Date(s) 1882
Registry Type(s) 08/28/1990 Marker erected
10/10/1989 State Register listed
Site ID# P24629