Delta Hotel, photo submitted in 1998.
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Delta Hotel
624Ludington Street, Escanaba - Delta County
Other Names Hereford and Hops Restaurant and Brewpub
Delta Apartments
Bishop Noa Home for Senior Citizens
Property Type hotel
Historic Use DOMESTIC/hotel
HEALTH CARE/sanitarium
Current Use COMMERCE/TRADE/restaurant
DOMESTIC/multiple dwelling
Style Classical Revival
Narrative Description The five-story brick and masonry Delta Hotel is a simplified Neoclassical commercial building which rises sixty-six feet in height. The two main facades exhibit a three-part composition typical of many commercial buildings of the late 19th and early 20th century: a rusticated treatment of the ground level, a relatively simple main section and an attic segment. Horizontal banded brickwork above the building's brick foot wraps the first floor between and above slightly inset window and door openings. The horizontal banding pattern is repeated in paired piers at the corners from the ground to fourth floors. A decorative masonry belt course resembling a classical cornice extends across the main facades below the fifth-floor windows. The paired piers at the corners between the fourth and fifth levels also display friezes of classical inspiration. Paneled brickwork outlined in header bricks on the fifth floor above the cornice creates a rectangular pattern that is replicated between all windows on that floor. The upper section features a slightly lighter colored brick parapet that was added in 1988 to replace the deteriorating main cornice. The building's brickwork at the top of the fifth floor on the two main facades is corbelled outward to the base of the parapet, which is formed by rows of somewhat smaller brick. A C-shaped addition was constructed in 1962-63 as part of the original building's conversion from hotel to nursing home use, measures 25 feet by 140 feet and is faced in a lighter, sand-colored brick.
Statement of Significance Opening in January, 1914, the Delta was Escanaba's preeminent hotel over the next several decades. The hotel was built during a boom period in Escanaba's history that saw the population of this major iron ore-exporting port and railroad and industrial community centrally located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula region rise by one-half, from 9500 to 14,500, in the years between 1900 and 1913. Financed by a stockholders' corporation in which local businesspeople apparently played a leading part, the Delta Hotel was a prominent and highly visible symbol of the city's progress and progressivism.
Period of Significance 1912-1947
Significant Date(s) 1912-1914
Registry Type(s) 04/09/1998 National Register listed
Site ID# P2275