Woodland Cemetery, photo submitted c. 1988
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Woodland Cemetery
Jerome Street near Fourth Street, Monroe - Monroe County
Property Type cemetery
Historic Use FUNERARY
Current Use FUNERARY/cemetery
Style Other
Narrative Description The Woodland Cemetery occupies about ten acres of land in the southeast area of the city of Monroe. The cemetery holds over 6,500 graves, of which 1,780 date from the nineteenth century. The grounds contain hundreds of upright and flat limestone, granite and marble markers, obelisks, vaults and columbaria. Buried here are some Monroe veterans of every military conflict from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War.
Statement of Significance The Woodland Cemetery has historical significance as one of Michigan's oldest public cemeteries. It has historical note as the final resting place of Monroe's pioneers, war heroes, and political and public officials. Among those buried in the cemetery are George Alford (d. 1836), a Revolutionary War minuteman and the only known Monroe soldier to have served in General George Washington's army; Isaac P. Christiancy (1812-1890), Congressman, U.S. Senator, and a founder of the Michigan Republican Party; and Harry Reed (1858-1876), the nephew of General George A. Custer, who fell in battle with his uncle at the massacre at Little Big Horn on June 26, 1876.
Period of Significance 1600-1825
Significant Date(s) 1810-1842
Registry Type(s) 07/21/1988 State Register listed
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