Rudolph Nims House, photo submitted 1972.
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Nims, Rudolph, House
206 West Noble Avenue, Monroe - Monroe County
Property Type frame house
Historic Use DOMESTIC
Current Use DOMESTIC
Style Greek Revival
Narrative Description The Rudolph Nims House is a rectangular, two-story, front-gable Greek Revival structure of hewn oak frame walls covered in clapboard siding. The building stands on a raised fieldstone foundation. The main facade features a full-height Doric tetrastyle portico topped by a triangular pediment and has a blind, shuttered recess designed to resemble a door and full-length parlor windows. The primary entrance is not in the front, but rather at the back of the side facade of the main section. The interior has undergone extensive remodeling.
Statement of Significance The Nims House is a well-proportioned and highly developed example of Greek Revival architecture. The height and spacing of the columns on the facade and the balanced width of the cornice follow traditional Greek architectural standards. Built in approximately 1836 to 1846, the Nims house has had several additions that have significantly altered many proportions of the building, but have left the entrance facade primarily unchanged. The house was built by Jacques Godfroy between 1836 and 1846, purchased by Rudolph Nims in 1848, and remained in his family for over a century. Currently, the house is a private residence.
Period of Significance 1826-1865
Significant Date(s) 1846
Registry Type(s) 10/18/1972 National Register listed
10/29/1971 State Register listed
Site ID# P24245