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Search for a Tournament site by a known place or within a location (a City, Village, County or school district may result)

  • Address:111 E Main St, Lansing
  • City:Lansing
  • Zip:48933
  • County:Ingham
  • Village: Dansville
  • Township:Leslie Township
  • Intersection:Michigan and Capitol, Lansing
  • Place of Interest:Michigan State University


To search for an Access Sites on a particular waterbody, type the waterbody name in the textbox below. Best results can be achieved by searching for partial names like "Houghton".

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Enter the information requested below to locate a coordinate within the state of Michigan. Latitude and Longitude for the Capitol of Michigan are: Lat:42.733690, Lon:-84.555482.

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Enter the information requested below to locate a TRS within the state of Michigan. TRS for the Capitol of Michigan are: T:04N, R:02W, S:16SENW.


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Distance: string

Time: string

Start MarkerStart Location:111 capitol ave

  • Directions Distance
  • Depart S Capitol Ave toward W Allegan St 5.55 miles
  • 1.Turn left onto W Allegan St 0.1 miles
  • 55.Road name changes to E Allegan St 0.1 miles
  • Arrive at Washington Sq N on the left

End MarkerEnd Location:VICTOR BUILDING


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