Welcome to the approved Adjusted Census Urban Boundary mapping web application. The proposed adjustments done by appropriate local road officials and MDOT were FHWA approved October 31, 2013 and are now the official Adjusted Census Urban Boundaries (ACUB). This web map locator displays the post-2010 Census Urban Areas (CUA or UA) plus the approved proposals. After every decennial US Census, FHWA allows MDOT to work in cooperation with appropriate local officials to adjust outward the UA’s by adding any additional areas (Census Blocks) that meet FHWA/MDOT criteria as urban. The ACUB is used to determine the urban/rural distinction used in reporting and transportation legislation. For more information go to the MDOT Federal-Aid Highways and Urban Areas Statewide Review Webpage.

DISCLAIMER: The ACUB areas are drawn using Census Blocks and do not always align with Michigan Geographic Framework (MGF) roads and jurisdictional boundaries at large scales, every attempt will be made to correctly correlate the Census Blocks to MGF. The post-2010 FHWA approved ACUB areas will be available in MGF version 14.

For additional information regarding the data used in this application, click here.

How to use ACUB

To add ACUB data to the map, select the Layers button () and check the box to the right of the boundary you want to add to the map. If you have multiple boundaries displayed, select the Legend button to display a legend (). To quick zoom to a County/Jurisdiction or zoom to a particular Congressional, House or Senate district use the Quick Zoom button (). Map Navigation information is available above the map using the Navigation Info selection.


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Adjusted Census Urban Boundaries

Select the information requested below to locate a 2010 US Census Urban Area within the state of Michigan.

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The 2011 congressional, State Senate and State House district layers of the map were built from 2010 Census Block information that was incorporated into redistricting legislation enacted by the Legislature (Public Acts 128 and 129 of 2011)

The VTDs were derived from census data and are approximations of local precinct boundaries as they existed at the time of the 2010 General Election, and do not necessarily correspond exactly to actual precinct boundaries as they exist today.

The jurisdiction boundaries were constructed by the Center for Shared Solutions and Technical Partnerships (CSSTP), a division of the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget. Jurisdiction boundaries and 2001 legislative and congressional district layers were derived from the Michigan Geographic Framework dataset (version 10a). Because of the different sources for these layers, the boundaries may not correspond exactly with 2011 legislative/congressional layers.

Toggle layer visibility by clicking the corresponding checkbox.


The legend below describes the layers on the map represented by colored borders.


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Id Location
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738 E Allegan St Otsego 49078 Allegan
star image
123 Hub St Northshore 49022 Ionia
star image
Manor House
456 Manor St Southshore 49044 Jackson

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